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an amazing song that is always played at weddings, I've heard like 800 times and I'm still not sick of it.
Me: Lemme go listen to Everlong
Kid: this is like the billionth time uv heard it man
by mike p April 15, 2004
the best goddamn song ever, no matter what you say
I just heard everlong for the first time, and if I die right now i have still lived a full life because of it.
by raffy December 25, 2003
The greatest song ever, beautiful, raw, rock!!! Nothing comes close to it.
Breathe out so I can breathe you in, hold you in.
by Dave Eras February 06, 2004
A real long time, often used to describe a lenghty waiting period.
I've waited here for you everlong.
by 7th Floor Whitney Hall August 21, 2006
a really great song by a really great band...its about being in love and not wanting it to end.
come down and waste away with me...down with me...
by ilikefoo August 10, 2005
A rather good song by American rock band 'Foo Fighters'. Combining unique riffs and a stamping beat to create a delicious musical blend.

The acoustic version is even better.
Hello, i've waited here for you, Everlong...
by Citezen:Erased April 04, 2005
Yep good song.
Just wanted to ask, if Dave Grohl didn't write it then who did? I gotta say I think you're wrong. He did write it.
Everlong, yes. Yes it is a good song.
by Foo Tash January 29, 2005