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the best goddamn song ever, no matter what you say
I just heard everlong for the first time, and if I die right now i have still lived a full life because of it.
by raffy December 25, 2003
an amazing song that is always played at weddings, I've heard like 800 times and I'm still not sick of it.
Me: Lemme go listen to Everlong
Kid: this is like the billionth time uv heard it man
by mike p April 15, 2004
The greatest song ever, beautiful, raw, rock!!! Nothing comes close to it.
Breathe out so I can breathe you in, hold you in.
by Dave Eras February 06, 2004
A real long time, often used to describe a lenghty waiting period.
I've waited here for you everlong.
by 7th Floor Whitney Hall August 21, 2006
a really great song by a really great band...its about being in love and not wanting it to end.
come down and waste away with me...down with me...
by ilikefoo August 10, 2005
A rather good song by American rock band 'Foo Fighters'. Combining unique riffs and a stamping beat to create a delicious musical blend.

The acoustic version is even better.
Hello, i've waited here for you, Everlong...
by Citezen:Erased April 04, 2005
Yep good song.
Just wanted to ask, if Dave Grohl didn't write it then who did? I gotta say I think you're wrong. He did write it.
Everlong, yes. Yes it is a good song.
by Foo Tash January 29, 2005
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