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An extreme emphasis of the word never. Also evar.
You will nevar have the tractor beam of DOOOM!!! NEVAR!!!
by Mizarc September 16, 2003
Acronym for:
1) Super Nintendo Entertainment System
2) Syndicat National de l'Enseignement Secondaire (France)
1) Dude! My snes broke. I'm super pissed.
2) Ever heard of the snes? Uhh... no. *kick for not even mentioning greastest console ever*
by Mizarc September 16, 2003
A totally sweet action hero of many movies in which physic and reality play little to no part.
Newslady: Arnold Schwarzenegger, do you have a political platform yet?
AS: I'm a cop you idiot.
by Mizarc September 14, 2003
An exhorbantly long acronym which means, im laughing. often used in sarcasm.
Rolling on floor laughing my mother fucking ass off while screaming (or shouting) about Jesus Christ
Bob: Listen to this clever joke: <insert clever joke that is actually terrible>
Sentient Life: roflmmfaowsajc... moron
by Mizarc September 14, 2003
To be completely and totally amazed. A more enthusiastic version of amazed.
Just listen and be amazored!
by Mizarc September 16, 2003
An extreme emphasis of ever. See also nevar.
I will nevar succumb to you evil wiles! EVAR! Demon-sheep!
by Mizarc September 16, 2003

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