Angelic Haircut, bangs out stevie wonder when references are made to Biggie Smalls. Voice unbroken. Catchphrase
''suck on my cock for 20 years'' Frigid but over a nice little rascal.
Hi evan arent you that scoundral who gets hickeys from shlaags?
by pdawgmsn October 23, 2011
Simply the most amazing boy in the whole world.
He is sweet, caring, adorable, cute, hot, sexy, sweet, and amazing.
He can make you feel like you've got the whole world if you're the one he loves.

He's so sweet, and if he loves you, he'll do just about anything for you, and you'd do anything for him.
He has the most amazing smile and when you look into his eyes you fall more deeply in love with him every time.
They are so beautiful, just like him.

He has the sexiest hair, and is probably an asian, which makes him extremely smart and talented.

His personality is one of his best qualities. He is the most amazing boy in the world.
If you don't fall for him, something is very wrong with you.

Everyone loves him.

But especially me.
He is my baby, and I love him with all my heart..forever and always!
I love you, Evan. So much<3
by Ham:D April 26, 2011
Will make you feel like you are the most special, beautiful, awesome girl in the world but will eventually break your heart. He can lie. He is shy. He will put everything in your hands. He will become suddenly unattracted to you and will soon go back to his ex. So watch out, because this sexy handsome devil will seduce you and you will fall hard. He has the most loving eyes, smile, and laugh. He has an awesome sense of humor and personality. Having many things in common with Evan will score points.
"I hate you, Evan"

"Why did you break my heart, Evan?"
"I think I'm falling in love with Evan!"
by cubbycakes May 12, 2012
1. The action of being addicted to stealing

2.Someone with the name Evan who likes to steal
He/she is such an Evan (dickhead)
by Somerandomguystartingwithn November 25, 2013
All around average. Average-height, average-looking...
generally from a small town, striving for a new identity as more southern than already perceived.
1) usually attracted to tall blond girls ~ 5'10.5''
2) loves to twerk
3) not good at basketball
4) 'former ginger'
"Yo, wasn't that blond boy's hair red just last week?"
"He pulled an evan."

"Look there's the 'one-who-must-not-be-named!"
"Quick, check that bush for an evan! I'm sure there's one hiding somewhere around here."
by yoursMB March 24, 2013
a fucking douche bag; can also be considered a man whore.
"He's such an evan"
"He broke up with a girl then went out with another one a day later."
by kkkaaammm August 20, 2012
Evan is an awesome friend. He has amazing music taste and is a genius. He will always be there when you need him. Amazing to talk to. Thinks he isn't as amazing as everyone says, but he is! WITH ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS EYES.
Josie: Woah. Look at those eyes.
Evan: I know right *flips hair*
Josie: *faints*
Evan: *skips away clicking heels*
by Jo-Z March 07, 2014

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