An assigment given by Teachers who think that kids don't

"have" enough homework. They expect it with "AT LEAST" 8 sources, and "AT LEAST" many MLA Citations. They make it worth like 100 points, make you WRITE it when you HAVE OTHER homework. It can range from a simple topic on Compare & Contrast to a fucking book report when you don't understand the book. And THEY WANT TO CONVICE THE FUCKING READER TO GET INTO THE ESSAY! not many people read students writing anyway.
Only students with a PhD from Stanford with a 4.0 GPA deserve to do essays. Its not important.

Student: OMG! Mrs. Hillenbig assigned us a God Motherfucking Nigger Essay with AT LEAST 1000 WORDS! Is she out of her mind? We are only 8th Graders.
by partyrockstar222 September 29, 2011
Top Definition
useless work used to torture billions of kids in this world
Jimmy had to do his long essay instead of playing outside with his friends.
by kaly January 02, 2004
How a moron spells ese.
An essay is something you write for school, not a Mexican.
by WAGMIRE October 14, 2005
what you are probably avoiding doing by being on this website in the first place
essay? nah. ummm, lets seeee... Urban dictionary!
by curly dude January 23, 2011
a waste of time that MLA and APA supporters believe is not colossal enough in its time-wasting ability. used by professors whose sole dream it is to stop students from slacking off for the weekend. goes well with coffee.
I can't believe Mr. Smith just gave us that huge fucking essay! He's out of his mind.

Jimmy, you can't go to the senior prom until you finish writing that essay.
by B-e-n February 12, 2006
1. A composition that is usually a few pages long.
2. Something that evil English teachers assign too many of.
I have to write another English essay today.
by 5'11"Racer December 19, 2006
a long, written, assignment that could have been explained in two or three sentences.
billy said: "instead of writing an essay on the brain i wrote this, 'the brain in the nervous center of the body. without it we would not be able to do things like breathe. it works by sending electric impulses to the muscles in your body...the end'"

((of course he got a F+))
by chiunit May 13, 2009
1. the bane of my existence
The only thing worse than an essay is being mauled by a bear.
by Queen Wannahackalugee October 20, 2008
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