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A cooked snail and a French delicacy. It may or may not be served in its shell.
Woman: We had a lovely soiré, didn't we?
Man: Yes, it was rather enjoyable.
Woman: I must say that the escargot was quite a success!


Waiter: Would you care for some escargot to start your evening?
Diner: Yes, we'll have an order of escargot as an appetizer.
by Sahara April 19, 2005
Explicit porn pictures, particularly tight shots of women's crotches. Comes from the term snail trail.
Q: can i send you some porn or blueprints?
A: No thanks, I'm not into escargot. And blueprints? WTF?
by October 05, 2009
French for "snail", commonly the snail body that comes out of a snail shell. Edible.
he: "Would you care for escargot?"

she: "er, no thanks. It always looks too much like tiny inner & outer labia. I'm not into eating that."
by Jake April 17, 2004
French for snail, a delicacy on toast!
Escargot, anyone? thanks...
by Gumba Gumba April 12, 2004
the snail body that comes out of a snail shell. Looks like snot (a nose booger)
"Anyone care for escargot?"

"er, no thanks. I'll just pick my own..."
by Jake April 14, 2004
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