Still the coolest car on earth (Mainly the second generation)
The Most Stylish car I\'ve seen.
by Afi K. James April 26, 2005
this goes out to all the idiots who compare an escalade to a tahoe, an escalade ext to a avalanche and the escalade esv to a suburban. The Escalade in all three models has a new and more upscalde suspension, noise control, interior and exterior design and many other features. The Escalade is not on the same platform as GMC's or Chevys and is quieter and nicer inside and outside, Chevy's and GMC's has 5.3L V8's with 310HP and the Escalade has a 6.2L V8 with 403HP!!!! so that's why you pay the extra dough, want to know why i know this, cause i own one. I dont care, i am rich, so when i see you in your chevy i'll laugh at you cause you know you want the escalade, poor bastards
Suburban: Rich bastard, I am in the same thing for only 37g's
Escalade ESV: Yeah but your built like crap, and youre jealous of me so kiss my ass and my 6.2L V8 while your crappy 5.3L V8 Cant even get onto the highway fast enough
Suburban: Uh, yeah, well, go chevy (Drives away and starts crying wishing he went to college so he can get an escalade)
by Bryyan May 20, 2007
an black persons car.olny white people that have a escalade are wankster.thay should have a hummer.!!!!
olny gay people buy a escalade!!!!
by colt March 10, 2005
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