a true example of pimp my ride

made exclusively for rappers/drug dealers and the mafia
look an escalade... im gon get some weed
by jake_thinks_ur_a_fuckface May 21, 2006
Baller on And 1 Tour
Yo Escalade ain't good as hotsauce but he still on tour yo.
by Tyrell Johnson July 21, 2004
A large SUV made that has a lot of horsepower.
Would you like to see my Escalade on 20's?
by § July 17, 2004
can u say Pimp mobile?
I got some hoes in my Escalayyde, bitch
by Cal Chase May 04, 2004
(Verb) to drive your escalade somewhere
Let's Escalade to Taco Bell for a Baja Blast Mountain Dew.
by ryan foti September 05, 2004
like the saying goes (that i made up)

beater cars wont get you far
but escalades will get you laid
w00t! that escalade is l33t! biotch
by invader ZIM December 16, 2004
Still the coolest car on earth (Mainly the second generation)
The Most Stylish car I\'ve seen.
by Afi K. James April 26, 2005

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