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a man who has the ability to make Women moisten at the thought of him, he is very fit and muscular,strong, sexy ,has a very very large penis, and is able to make women climax and squirt over and over again.he is also a master at hand to had combat, firearms and turning lesbians straight.all beautiful women, and women with large breasts are sexually attracted and turned on by him.
Jess: "im sorry my husband, but I'm lesbian, I have to leave you I can't help it, I was born like this, I am attracted to no man"

Years later, at a bar whilst hooking up with her girlfriend,she looks into this man's eyes at the bar, her pants moisten,drips down her leg,,he approaches them, moments later they engage in sexual contact, bouncers and the hole club try to kick them out, but he knocks out, and pulls out guns and cripples everyone, then begins to have orgasmic sex with jess and her girlfriend cumming and squirting over and over again...this man is ersoy.
by jesssy jess<3 October 18, 2011
a douchefag with a small penis and no big booty bitches. and he failed 8th grade.
aww that kid is such an ersoy, poor kid.
by 123739756897236451 September 11, 2011

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