A jawn who has a jew-fro, and stabbed himself with a butter knife by tripping over his dog, then decides to hook up with a girl that he met in the hospital that OD on herion, and HE LOVES TO PUT BIG DIPPS IN
did you see that erik put that huge dip in??

that erik tripped over a dog and nearly died!!! lol
by jawnmaster January 26, 2011
the name of a big waste of time who will become your best friend and you will probably fall in love with their witty charm and their amazing body, but will end up crushing you into oblivion if you make one mistake. Also have no feelings and will not forgive someone they said they truly loved.
"Sweetheart, why are you crying?"

"It was that erik!"
by 12426278pem April 25, 2010
A tall, dorky person that steals peoples girlfriends. Can also be referred to as an Erprick.
Guy 1: Is she still going out with that kid?
Guy 2: Yea...
Guy 1: Wow thats stupid!
Guy 2: Yea... Who would go out with an Erik?
by Confed22 July 10, 2008
To pull an Erik is to have sex with a grotesque midget in the shower.
"He Phil youll never guess what happened to me last night! I totally got Erik'd at my place."

"howd you pull that off"

"Circus in town"
by Big Daddy C October 14, 2006
A beautiful man with a tragic past and a twisted mind. Lover of theater and singer of insurmountable skill. Tells great jokes and is a good kisser. Wears large jackets and prefers brunettes.
"Wow, Erik is a really different guy."
by Phantomlover47 July 16, 2015
a freaky, weird, teenage boy with an oddly-shaped head and does drugs who's secretly gay and is so desperate for a girlfriend he stalks anyone he talks to and sends creepy messages to every girl on facebook and he blows kisses to their buses. Generally good at Guitar Hero
Charles is such an Erik!
by 316CO143 April 13, 2011
Erik's are usually creeps. They hit on girls constantly and are constantly turned down. They have a ridiculously hard time being on time for anything. Extermely lazy, loves to play videogames. Usually has a very weird sense of hair style. Only has long distance relationships.
Guy: holy shit you see Erik's hair??
Other Guy: He's got a yellow mohawk!
by jjohnmastif February 04, 2010
The heterosexual spelling of the name Eric. An extremely good looking, tall, Scandinavian man. Often has amazing athletic abilities desired by all others around him. Capable of getting any girl he wants, he is not like most other guys, he is very caring, understanding, and sweet to those he likes, but is the worst person to have as an enemy. Often coming off as shy upon first meeting him, he opens up and is one of the funniest people you know. He is perfect boyfriend material.
Girl 1 - "OMG! Look at that HOTTIE! What's his name?!"

Girl 2 - "I think its Erik"

Girl 1 - "That explains it! I want him soooooo bad"
by iliketoeatpoop December 31, 2009

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