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A short phrase, verse, inscription upon a tombstone referring to the one who lies beneath it.
I want her Epitaph to say:

In memory of Jain Doe, a loving daughter, wife, and mother. Born in 1907 laid to rest in 1963.
by NotKnownToYou April 02, 2009
a real good punk rock label
Did you know that Bad Religion owns Epitaph
by Brett Gurewitz July 07, 2003
The most god-forsaken map in halo 3.
The map most vetoed in Halo 3.
O great, Epitaph, everyone veto.

I was playing on Epitaph earlier and I couldnt manage to get a single kill, the thing that was weird was that no one else did either.

Epitaph? Isn't that the map thats BETTER then Isolation? Yup.
by xOxCx April 01, 2008
A god-tier song by the god-tier prog rock band King Crimson.
"Confusion will be my epitaph"
by Old Mate September 01, 2013
A Butt, An ass, a Buttocks, either of the two fleshy protuberances forming the lower and back part of the trunk,
a Bum, a booty
Girl shake that epitaph!
Wow, that girl's got an big epitaph!
by Pey Wei September 21, 2010
Coolest person in the world, is super-great, and is super-awesome. See also; Big-Dicked star.
Man, that guy is SO epitaph!
by agih4eo December 07, 2003
TOTAL WANKER!! but is still a sex god!! but is only attracted to tasmanian bogans!
in his natural habitat Peeteey can be himself! an epitaph!
by Krystle April 22, 2005