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An awesome band that combines pop-culture from the 70s & 80's, and punk/alternative music. They hail from Arizona and are comprised of 2 guy; Nate and Sam.
I saw The Format perform with Something Corporate, RX Bandits, and Days Away in San Diego in December.
by Krystle January 03, 2004
Band that started off touring and doing live shows to build a rep. Have toured with such bands as Saves the Day, RX Bandits, Days Away, and the Format. They are a kick-ass emo band that have amazing talents and a fantastic live show.
I saw Something Corporate at their last show in San Diego, after having toured for 3 years, non-stop.
by Krystle January 03, 2004
to get your pants pulled down by your mates in front of other people
by kRyStLe October 07, 2003
A flower that represents purity,
beauty, strength, and divine nature in Buddhist culture. Specific meanings depend on the color of the petals, and whether the bud is closed or blooming.
I have a pink Lotus blossom tattooed on my shoulder in a sleeve.
by Krystle December 12, 2003
It means to talk about things in great detail, listing every facet of their being. Also to have the ability to speak at great lengths about nothing.
I speak a very verbose english language
by krystle January 11, 2005
decorate your body with platinum - Slick Rick style.
"Don't make me get money and platinumize my body." - Slick Rick, Street Talkin'
by Krystle December 30, 2004
a simple and effective way to end an argument and often confusing
them: u are such a fat ugly bastard
you: well yeh, YA MUM!!
by kRyStLe July 13, 2003

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