1. The state of failure which surpasses all understood predisposition(s) of pity in other said parties which might witness the particular failure in question.

2. A current, customary form of expressing displeasure to the shortcomings or maladroitly behavior of another - especially behavior seen as excessively thoughtless, prone to failure, foolish.

3. When the external efforts intended for good by a group or individual become undeniably and universally accepted as worthy of ridicule, yet at a much broader scale, "epic fail", a failure which surpasses reason or explanation, laughter is stifled and time stops for a short period of time to mourn the presence of the said failure in question

4. (Religious) When Satan and/or Lucifer(as depicted in scripture) looks upon the failure of a said party and either feels jealousy toward the chaos they have caused or contrary to his mythical nature begins to actually pity those who are instigators of an "epic fail."

5. The United States Government(past, present or future tenses aside, as well as any party, idealism or administration).
The increasingly held view that The United States Government has, for some time, even to the most current administration, despite all arguments of one party or the other, has failed and is doomed to always fail beyond redemption or hope.

6. Senator Howard Dean.

7. John Edwards' Haircut.

8. Dan Rather.

"Johnny tried to asking out the girl of his dreams and farted because he got nervous - Epic Fail."

"Josh tried to capture the rare White Siberian Tiger on photo as he became one the luckiest men alive in witnessing the existence of such a rare animal. As he tapped his camera for an exposure, he realized that he forgot 1) to empty his memory card to make room for the perfect shot and 2) Remove the lens cover. Epic Fail!"

"He tried to show of his 'fly ride,' yet as he tried to 'peel out' he accidentally shifted his vehicle into 'neutral' instead of 'drive', causing his engine to race very high and eventually backfire. Epic Fail. Oh yeah...and his ride was an Oldsmobile. Epic Fail #2."

by airforcejim1 April 16, 2009
Top Definition
Complete and total failure when success should have been reasonably easy to attain.
<after getting pwned in a video game>

Player1 Dude, we just got reamed
Player2 Yeah, Epic Fail
by scolemann March 19, 2008
When something can be seen to be a total failure
Urban dictionary?
by grarkorrr September 15, 2006
The highest form of fail known to man. Reaching this level of fail means only one thing:

You must die, or the world will fail itself due to such an extreme level of failage.
<Noob>:OMG I gotz teh myspaces n mah yootoobs rool n sutf n u sux cuz u has no myscapes!

<Me>: Epic fail.
by Lawligation October 27, 2007
Epic- Anything great, spectacular, or large/monumental in nature

Fail- An inability to complete an objective, task or job either assigned or volunteered for.

Epic Fail -A mistake of such monumental proportions that it requires its own term in order to sucessfully point out the unfathomable shortcomings of an individual or group.
Jack: Uh, dude? I may or may not have wrecked 14 ferrari's with my moped after derailing a whole train carrying nothing but kittens and puppies...

Jim: Epic Fail, Man. EPIC Fail.
by Operative 668 March 24, 2008
Similar to fail, but at an even larger, more pitiful scale. Sometimes so pitiful or pathetic, some will either sympathize that person or will not say anything, due to the fail being so large that words cannot describe it.
Person 1: Hi, Tech Support? I need help with my computer, it seems to keep rebooting.

Person 2: Ok, before we do anything, have you tried rebooting?

Person 1: ._.

Conclusion: Person 2 has had an Epic Fail
by DHB April 26, 2008
1.When an attemt at creating an entertainment product fails so badly it incites anger and/or unintentional comedy.

2. When an attempt at comedy on an internet message board is so terrible it incites pity in the reader of sed post.

3. When an attempt to get over as a whacky character on an internet message board completely and utterly fails.

4. An attempt to endorse Fanta and homosexuality at the same time on an internet message board that leads to ridicule

2&3 "Anchor World Order= EPIC FAIL"

4."anchor= EPIC FAIL"
by tildebang January 17, 2008
A failure so abysmal it is epic in scale.
Hey, what was that other system in the mid-90's Sega made, you know, that one, it had Nights and that Dragoon game.

Oh you mean the Sega Saturn? That thing was Epic Fail.
by chang cow dong May 06, 2008

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