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very cool, great!
woaw, this game is end of the way, man!
by ziggydan July 01, 2003
Means EXTREMLY in a positive way. Sometimes it is said in short "Sof".
Positive: I saw a beutiful chic, her look is SOF HADERECH.
His new car goes so smooth, SOF HADERECH
by Ziv Arav March 16, 2005
Great; best of a kind.
This tuna cocktail is end of the way!
by informative June 26, 2003
This phrase comes form Hebrew, and it means "great","marvelous","splendid".
- I got 100 in the exam!
- Oh, that's end of the way!
- You look end of the way!
by Reuven August 02, 2005
A phrase used to describe an experiance or event that was extemely exciting. Usually used by youngsters. Comes from Hebrew: "Sof Haderech"
Someone: How was the trip to Spain last week.
You: It was really fun, what can I tell you, End of the Way.
by Yish Fried August 01, 2005
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