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Semen On Figurine
Commonly used on r/cummingonfigurines and videos containing a guy jacking off and cumming on a figurine *
(usually an anime figure).
Go watch that really hot SOF with Hatsune Miku!
by NekoLSx January 20, 2015
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Special Operations Forces. Used as a blanket term for specialized military teams which conduct unconventional operations.
The "S" in the name of the SCAR series of rifles stands for SOF, or Special Operations Forces, the kind of unit it's meant to be used by.
by Wenzelhummel March 08, 2009
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Smile on face. Rarely does one "laugh out loud." They usually just have a smile on their face.
Shaniqua: sof
by Andrew and Dizzle December 21, 2004
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shit on floor; shit on face; a sexual act for copraphiliacs
I was surprised when she told me she liked to SOF.
by Stewart Gatz November 20, 2009
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where LOL stands for Laugh Out Loud
and ROFL stands for Roll On Floor Laughing

introducing SOF:
SOF stands for Smile On Face

people use LOL and ROFL even though they may not actually be laughing or rolling on the floor. instead we sit there with a smile on our face because it was a humorous comment but not enough to induce laughter.
(on an IM or BBM or SMS convo)

dave: yo man i heard a great one today

mord: go for it bro

Dave: why did the chicken cross the road?

mord: why?

Dave: to get to the other side

mord: SOF

Dave: what, only an SOF, i LOL'd so hard

mord: sorry bro, it was only SOFworthy
by sirmordalot December 05, 2009
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Sof (verb) - To bark annoyingly in a high-pitched Sof! sound in order to show appreciation of a cutie. Often used with "up"
I sofed that hot girl up as she walked down the hallway.
by Bubu The Slave Monkey May 19, 2005
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"SOF" - so its an abbrevation for documents that require signatures
by Kirby001 June 14, 2012
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