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Big Tits.Nice Ass. Very Good At Turning Boys on ;) Often Very Horny
Hey Theres Emzy, The One With Big Tits And A Nice Ass, She Turns Me On ;)
by Jakeymatee May 27, 2008
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Emzy is a being of a shy nature, she is often defensive and dislikes insults about her personal appearance. She lacks confidence and never thinks highly of herself, she's also the type of person that never thinks too far ahead. She has a huge adoration for her friends and family.
This is Emzy, she's shy and quiet but kind.
by Mewww1991 December 27, 2011
When something is very pink, very loud, or very horny.
This room is totally emzy.
They are so fucking emzy.
by jdowty May 07, 2011

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