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a completely and totally random nickname to give to the people you either care most or least about.
Derives from the name Emma or Emily
Jill: Hi Emzie!
Emma: Hey Jill (backs away slowly)

Emma: Why am i suddenly called Emzie, all the time? Is something wrong with my name?
by Jane-Nia May 08, 2009
when you are in class and are called out to answer something boring and trivial, at this time you nod your head and hope that the teacher accepts the lame-ass attempt to cover your own ass, by moving you are effectivally proving your listening skills and therefore are a vital part of the class, so teach don't get into thinking ou do nothing all lesson..... riiiight.
my mother looked at me expectantly.
I noddled, hoping to sweet jebus that she thought i was paying attention.
by Jane-Nia May 08, 2009
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