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Afraid of emo people and the culture that surrounds them. Usually includes gay people.
"My friend is totally awesome! He is so emophobic that he kicks emo people in the crotch when he sees them just so that he can watch them die from the toxicity of their own tears"
by Where is your God now? February 19, 2006
A combination of two words:

1) Emo (an abbreviation of the word emotion) and;

2) Phobic (an irrational fear of or aversion to something.)

Emophobia occurs when someone has a phobia of creating negative emotions in other people.

(Emophobic parents are possibly the catalyst to the entitlement generation.)
Jack is such an emophobic parent, whenever his child, Sophie, doesn't get what she wants she starts crying and Jack suddenly caves in and gives Sophie whatever she wants.

Joe suffers from emophobia, whenever he has to confront someone at work on a difficult subject, he always tries to avoid dealing with it.
by ScienceAndArt July 09, 2015
The act of being afraid of anything "emo"
i met his parents the other day, they were so emophobic
by CDTcammie March 20, 2015
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