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Somebody who has a phobia of emo music/emolicious kids. Often considers themselves a hardcore metal fan.
My friend Andy is such an emophobe.
by schnikkiandjosh May 09, 2005
someone who is tired of all the "buzz" surrounding the "emo" crap
He's an emophobe, he sighs everytime he sees an "emo" kid
by mrbone February 15, 2006
Plural form of emophobe. Someone who is too stupid, to realize that emos do not cut themseleves. Emophobes need to die. Emophobes are my enemy, and I wish that they would kill themselves.
ALEXtheEMO: "I am emo!"
Emophobe: "Go cut youself, you emo!"
Emophobe 2: "Go slit your wrist, you emo!"
ALEXtheEMO: "STFU, you bunch of emophobes!"
Emophobe: "No, go kill youself!"
ALEXtheEMO: "Shut the **** up!!!"
Emophobe 2: "Never!"
ALEXtheEMO: "*mutes* the emophobes* hahaha!!!"
by ALEXtheEMO August 21, 2009
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