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The state of being awesome, amazing, cool, hip, dope, sick, nasty, ill, fresh, tight, fly, raw, bitchin', wicked, pimp, and gangsta all rolled into one super-word.
Kyle: Yo, did you hear that new Rick Ross CD?
Evan: Yo man, I heard that shit. It's elmo as fuck!
Kyle: Hellz yea!
by Kyle 374 April 23, 2008
4 6
An visualizer/projector

A fancy piece of equipment

Mr Gennari's life
I call it elmo. It give it personality. He is my friend.

I will not play with school equipment.


by chemistry November 24, 2004
17 19
a person who appears to be EMO but does not cut their wrists and is not suicidal.
person 1: You people are so EMO.

person 2: No, we're ELMO!!!
by Sydney O. L. G. January 31, 2009
2 5
A perv and a sex affender... and a fag... and a carnivor.
Elmo rapes and eats children in their sleep.
by Isiah paige January 10, 2008
13 16
the coolest b*tch ever.
Yo, look it's Elmo!
by Nicole Marie 1219 August 07, 2008
3 7
Dudes and chicks that hang out together, either in couples or groups, usually to go shopping or have dinner parties, wihout ever actually shagging.

Something you need to avoid becoming when slow-playing a bitch.

derived from the 1985 Joel Schumacher film St Elmo's Fire
"Jesus Si, haven't you nailed that bitch yet?"
"No man. She's got me down as some kind of fucking Elmo"
by El Moses July 27, 2005
6 10
A slang word used to describe high-quality marijuana that has tiny red hairs growing on it.
Man, that elmo we had last night had me wasted.
by bill April 22, 2004
10 14