1.synonym for cool
2. synonym for speaking in third person
thats elmo talk! at least bob (im bob) thinks so!
by la scrub August 07, 2003
In No Limit Texas Hold'em, to get Elmo'd is to get all of your chips in with KK and get called by someone who has AA and lose the hand.
I was all-in with KK, but got Elmo'd by seat 4.
by Torch02 July 10, 2005
elmo the word of lust
not a hilbily hahaah
word meaning beach babe, water baby
loves sport and friends
elmo is a surf life saving bidi hater hahaah
by ellie-may May 03, 2008
when someone or something acts in a extremely gay manner
i didn't give sheila a cookie so she got all elmo on me.
by skank_mama_nasty December 22, 2005
an extension of the guys body part! aka penis...usually red and furry like elmo off of sesame st.
Ra-saun do not have a ELMO because it isn't RED and we DON"T KNOW IF IT IS FURRY....

lupe enjoyed someones ELMO
by brian4kids May 01, 2005
Ok so if yous are fucking this chick and you want oral but her mouth is to small for my huge penis (or yours) you cut her mouth wider with a pen knife tie her to the wall then stitch it shut around your oenis and when she dies rip the stitches apart and poo alover her, crucify her to the wall and leave.
Man I elmo'ed that girl last night!
by Lover1978 April 26, 2009
adjective- When someone or something is completely gay. Gay is used as a synonym for something that you think is stupid.
My parents didnt let me use the car because of some elmo reason.
by Candy Coxx December 22, 2005

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