The sweetest love of my life MMWA
Elmo is the bestestestestestest
by pinky March 30, 2004
Elmo is a guy tht looks so cute and so good
and tht knows how to treat girls kindly
Alexander Helm from DSTY(deutsche schule tokyo yokohama it's a german school in tokyo yokohama) is an ELMO!!!
by L L Cute H 4 eva January 22, 2005
to be awesome during sex
"Last time I had her, she was Elmo"
by SimonSEZ February 16, 2005
The act of defecation upon a plant, more commonly a houseplant.
Dammit! The cat just took an elmo!
by Nicknam May 08, 2004
Pubic Hair; A large amount of pubic hair.
a. That's a mighty fine elmo you got there.
b. I want to color\colour my elmo green.
by CsH July 31, 2005
Amber harvey
by James Mahn July 17, 2003
a stupid red muppet on Sesame Street who ruined Sesame Street.
When I was a kid I was lucky that Elmo wasn't on Sesame Street.
by Stacy February 16, 2004

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