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Two paths diverge in a wood, we see one (wo)man walk twoards herself/himself, and (s)he says "egoI walk this path"

, we see two stars float along a trail and they say "{ego}we walk this path"
Ego to take and want what i please.

Ego to take and want what >+< please.
by Diamondone January 06, 2007
1 17
a dick
"I got a big ego"
by BPPrice September 19, 2009
14 31
The thin line between being a nerd and a pompous anal-retentive jerk-off who will only get some if they jack (or jill) off. It is very important to keep this thing in check if you want good things in life.
I hate dating dudes with big egos; all they talk about are themselves and what you can do for them.
by RatchetBoo May 11, 2003
20 38
Usually measured in inches.
Don't believe me? come here and measure my ego.
by vargusf50 May 30, 2008
25 47
Something that can be dangerous and lead to death. But it's something all humans regardless must face!
It just proves your own ego when you talk about other people's.
by IcyHaku December 01, 2004
16 43
Baby legos. Found on the Lego Planet in a galaxy far away. Hurts when you step on them in bare feet.
"I need to go get a ego-sitter for my ego."
by Shell Shell June 26, 2005
26 55