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A song by the great David Bowie.
I'll stick with you baby for a thousand years
Nothing's gonna touch you in these golden years, gold
by Yester January 03, 2006
The term used by old folks who are too attached tothere youth to admit that they are in fact: old, senile, and wrinkly
by JohnTheMon September 23, 2003
The time of one's life after 65. Also referred to as over the hill.
"My dad is locked up in a nursing home, enjoying his golden years.
by Papa Smurf September 24, 2003
The ages during retirement toward the end of one's life, but enough to still enjoy the remainder; typically 65 and up.
Anne was 75 and in her golden years.
by Trafton September 23, 2003
Times past, looked back upon through the failing site of later years as being much happier and safer than they actually were.
Today's baby boomers often reminisce about their golden years, the 1960s.
by flackrat September 23, 2003
The best part of a persons life, usually begin once a person turns 18/21 depending on where they live.
He was entering into the golden years, drinking and partying.
by Bane September 24, 2003
the years in which you take the most pees and get peed on the most.
man don't you just miss the golden years? where you could take a golden shower every day and everyone was united with pee?
by Robbie ah ooh ooh! September 24, 2003