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6 definitions by Rawbee

A self-proclaimed "Neo-Nazi" who does not have any knowledge on Neo-Nazism, thus making him/her a "Fake Neo-Nazi".
You're such a Neo-Natzer, Dean.
by Rawbee August 13, 2007
A self-proclaimed Nazi who has no knowledge or relation to Nazism, thus making him/her a "Fake Nazi".
Geez, all teens who think thay're Nazis are Natzers.
by Rawbee August 13, 2007
A false practice of Nazism, where Natzers act cool by thinking themselves as Nazis with no knowledge or relation to the Nazi Party. Also, Neo-Nazi Skinheads support Natzerism because they do not have any association with real Nazis.
Dude, being a Natzer sucks because you don't know shat about Nazism and their movement. F*ck Natzerism!
by Rawbee August 13, 2007
A more appropriate term of nazi that can be said in daycares, schools, veteran's day and b'nah mitzvahs.
Billy, your grandfather was a...um, let's say, a Natzer in World War II.
by Rawbee August 10, 2007
An appropriate term for Neo-Nazi. This term is used exclusively for infant skinheads and infants who has an ancestor who was a Natzer, aka Nazi.
Boy, I didn't know being a Neo-Natzer at 9 years old was such a badass idea. Let's revive Hitler!
by Rawbee August 10, 2007
A completely different personality that typical rock stars carry after the their golden years.
A then-badass rock star with a big ego would go:

"Now our style is getting old so I want to have our style to fuse with Jazz, Progressive, Speed Metal and little bit of Techno with some booming guitar and bass riffs, BECAUSE I AM SO COOL!"
by Rawbee August 13, 2007