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Shortened version of augmented heads-up display, pertaining to augmented reality through the use of technology i.e. smartphones, google glass etc
Can I use my aughud in this place?

Only google glass I think
by BenNCM September 08, 2012
The practice of actively withholding creative activity from the public domain in order to either preserve its essence or evolve it along lines which are contrary to the norm.
Everyone keeps ripping my ideas off! Why can't they think of something themselves. To hell with it all, I'm starting my own occulture and no one is going to know jack.
by BenNCM May 18, 2011
Discrimination or prejudice directly aimed at able-bodied people precisely because they are able-bodied.
Steve: Look at him. Just look at him.

Paul: Who?

Steve: That guy over there. Leg-using muthafucka!

Paul: Dude! You need to calm the hell down. Someone will accuse you of ableism if they overhear.
by Benncm July 18, 2012

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