Baby legos. Found on the Lego Planet in a galaxy far away. Hurts when you step on them in bare feet.
"I need to go get a ego-sitter for my ego."
by Shell Shell June 26, 2005
A measure of Narcisism.
Narcisists rule!
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 16, 2004
That thing inside my head. You know. The thing that makes me cooler than all of you.
- "I am Jesus."

- "Because I'm cool, and you know it, you love it. Word."
by ~*faye*~ December 26, 2004
Ego = Penis/Cock
Meaning, Ego is in terms of Penis Size, Small Ego = Small Penis, Big Ego = Big Penis
My Ego are bigger than yours, My cock is Bigger than yours
by Najica September 04, 2007

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