The term egg is usually used when someone is getting "angry or eggy"
Joe when you play football you always get so egg

by Wordmeister1234 June 09, 2011
an obese person whose neck is indistinguishable from the rest of his or her body.
Bethany knew online dating could be risky; her last three suitors all turned out to be eggs. Desirable to some, perhaps, but she was looking for someone a little less rotund.
by tootao May 23, 2011
what is wrong with you people!!?!??!?!??!
AN EGG IS A FREAKING EGG!!! if you dont know what that is..... LOOK IT UP!
hey sammie.... can i have a egg so i can throw it on my math teacher
by turtles rock November 16, 2010
chicken abortions
Person 1. Would you like some eggs?
Person 2. You mean chicken abortions?
by scrappymandingo October 02, 2008
a white person that has a fetish for asian women/men. white on the outside/yellow on the inside.
goddamit, i am such a fucking egg. i get rock hard every time i go to the asian market and see those tight asian women.
by wreckage February 09, 2003
EGG or E.G.G
Extraordinary Gathering of Geeks
Usually a bunch of geeks gathering on a chat site or MMO.
"we should so do an EGG on Minecraft tonight!"

"frack yes, I will tell the rest of the gang!"
by inspectorspacetime April 19, 2012
A slang word that Asians use to describe a person whom is Caucasian that acts like and/or enjoys a lot of things that are Asian. This is because like an egg, these individuals are white on the outside, yellow on the inside.

The counterpart to these individuals are Asians that act and enjoy things that are Caucasian; they are known as a Twinkie or Banana, because they are yellow on the outside, white on the inside!
Look at this Gwai Lo with his Chinese character tattoo and eating rice out of a bowl with chopsticks! What an Egg!
by TexAlan80 December 28, 2009
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