Egg, a noun.

A state of extreme annoyance, anger or frustration. While someone is in this state, others may prefer to keep their distance until the person has recovered.
Mum's in a right egg - don't ask her for that favour now.
by izzy108 April 22, 2010
Acronym for Egotistical Gay Guy
E.G.G !
Egotistical gay Guy. :P
by scott2008 February 15, 2008
Rocks; Freebase; Crack Cocaine.
"she like a crack addict, and she saw me cookin EGGS, and she though I was back at it." -Lil' Wayne
by N1Stunna November 06, 2006
A derogatory comment towards someone to cause offence, usually when they perform a stupid or bad act. (Either in hindsight or present)
Jeff: I just bought a BMW!
Bill: You egg! You should have bought a cheaper car!
by Greenlewiegee May 11, 2013
A kind of person who does not reciprocate in a relationship. A person who expects care from his/her partner but does not provide care in return. Someone who hurts his/her partner knowingly.
I always talk to him when he is stressed out for his deadlines, but he just disappears whenever I need him.

He is such an egg!
by Serius March 11, 2013
nickname of someone who's going ro be wirh shinrato and who rikes patutu ro birs and pieces
Sata: ooh i'm an egg i rike shinrato and patutu!!
by thisisnotkamirre September 05, 2012
EGG or E.G.G
Extraordinary Gathering of Geeks
Usually a bunch of geeks gathering on a chat site or MMO.
"we should so do an EGG on Minecraft tonight!"

"frack yes, I will tell the rest of the gang!"
by inspectorspacetime April 19, 2012

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