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Every hipster's favorite way to make it look like they take really classy pictures when really they are still using their phones. Yeah, you might look really cute/old school/vintage/retro, but it's still a cell phone picture.
Photographer: Hey man, look at this picture I took with my Canon 5D Mark II camera and edited in photoshop!
Hipster: No way man, look at this picture that I took on my phone with instagram! It's even better!
Photgrapher: *FACEPALM*
by Kaypea May 15, 2011
Photos & Videos
A popular photo-sharing app flawlessly tailored to the explicit purpose of taking over two decades of technological progress in the realm of mobile digital photography and rendering them utterly worthless via application of appalling "filters" designed to transform the original clarity of images recorded by advanced digital sensors into the mottled likeness of expired film from the 1950's developed in coffee grounds.
"Nice photo, Josie, but you really need to clean that screen on your porch, I've never seen one that's so dirty!"

"What do you mean? I was in the middle of the backyard! But if you like the photo, you should check out my other ones on Instagram!"
by Ragnarler July 15, 2012
The exact amount a wannabe hipster weighs.
Person 1:That dude is such a hipster

Person 2: He weighs an instagram
by TheRandomKid October 12, 2012
Something that won't fix your ugly face...
Kid 1: Hey, check it out! I just got Instagram.
Kid 2: Well you still look ugly...
by echoandramen June 17, 2012
Instagram: Pretentious, overused app that purchasing may cause feelings of hipster-ism, false sense of being artistic when taking mobile photos. When used with your mobile device, add grain, "vintage" filters, and corny Polaroid borders, with the utmost laziness.
Hipster: Check my Instagram uploads to see multiple shitty pictures of my dog, and food with vintage filters. I consider myself to be a photographer and creative because I purchased an app that millions of other people use. Learn to manipulate photos on photoshop, lighting and ISO settings? Puh-lease.

Photographer: *Dies*
by MBhatesIG April 09, 2012
Social network where food and drinks meet each other, become friends and sometimes hook up.
-Ice tea: Hey, sweetie. I saw some of your pics on your human's Instagram and you sure look tasty.
-Pizza slice: Stop it! I'm blushing! Here's my number. Call me!
by Eyeye April 10, 2013
An app that makes your photos look like shit while simultaneously making you happy about it.
I can't believe Facebook paid a billion dollars to buy Instagram; a program that makes perfectly good photos look like shit.

"OMG look at my mom's crappy old photos from the 70s... Oh, but check out this Instagram photo of me and Katie at the bar last night."

Instagram makes photos more fartsy than artsy.
by onehandcrabbing April 26, 2012
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