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Rocks; Freebase; Crack Cocaine.
"she like a crack addict, and she saw me cookin EGGS, and she though I was back at it." -Lil' Wayne
by N1Stunna November 06, 2006
124 94
chicken abortions
Person 1. Would you like some eggs?
Person 2. You mean chicken abortions?
by scrappymandingo October 02, 2008
94 65
a white person that has a fetish for asian women/men. white on the outside/yellow on the inside.
goddamit, i am such a fucking egg. i get rock hard every time i go to the asian market and see those tight asian women.
by wreckage February 09, 2003
422 401
a white person who is very asian inside; that one white kid who hangs out with all the asians
"Why does he always hang out with asians?"
"Oh, you didn't know? he's an egg."
by KiraLunar April 22, 2010
87 72
1. Can be used in secret code for a short man with a bald shiny head

2. Used in conjunction with the word love

3. Used instead of the prefix -ex
1. Person 1: Hiya, whos teaching us today?
Person 2: Oh just the egg

2. 'have you got daaa egg?'

3. 'Yes it was so egghilerating, i just kept reeling off eggxamples which were leaving people really eggcited. rather eggplicit really'
by scoopdapoop June 20, 2011
73 67
An egg is a portion of heroin, normally less than .1 gram. The cost should be 15 to 20 dollars.
I'm need to get one egg so I don't get sick.
by Anonymousvmoney December 24, 2009
13 7
According to Homestar Runner, officially not a fruit.
Homestar: I officially declare eggs...NOT a fruit.
by Gorillaz87 November 27, 2003
58 52