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According to Homestar Runner, officially not a fruit.
Homestar: I officially declare eggs...NOT a fruit.
by Gorillaz87 November 27, 2003
A more apropos word to describe when a woman does something gutsy or bold instead of saying 'ballsy'. When a woman acts brassy or strong!

A way of paying homage to a woman's eggs when she is bold instead of referencing a man's balls! ;)
"Damn she's got eggs!"

"That woman who just wrangled that crocodile has eggs!" ;)

"Going up against your boss for being a jerk took eggs!"
by Damiana00 November 30, 2011
1. Can be used in secret code for a short man with a bald shiny head

2. Used in conjunction with the word love

3. Used instead of the prefix -ex
1. Person 1: Hiya, whos teaching us today?
Person 2: Oh just the egg

2. 'have you got daaa egg?'

3. 'Yes it was so egghilerating, i just kept reeling off eggxamples which were leaving people really eggcited. rather eggplicit really'
by scoopdapoop June 20, 2011
An egg is a portion of heroin, normally less than .1 gram. The cost should be 15 to 20 dollars.
I'm need to get one egg so I don't get sick.
by Anonymousvmoney December 24, 2009
An egg is someone who looks terrible or if you feel like then you say "I feel like an egg" bc eggs just sit there.
Ugh Randall is such an egg.
by east&southwest September 04, 2014
awkward or out of place; creepy in a highly uncomfortable way.
Variations: eggster, eggsauce, eggish

a person, place, or thing that is awkward or out of place; a person, place, or thing that makes one highly uncomfortable.
Variations: eggster, eggsauce
Oh, my! That egg over there is lurking in the shadows...

Woahhhh...Why am I the only one who did not dress in costume for this party? I feel hella egg right now...
by Raemorg March 01, 2010
a synonym for testicles, such as fruits, plums, balls, knackers, two veg, orbs, conkers, leftie and righty, the crown jewels, the twins
she sucked the eggs off me
by k.dis May 07, 2006