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ethics for the street - 1st used on the daily show by Larry Willmore.
stay fresh - don't snitch - don't back down - get your own
He ain't going to snitch cause he lives by the effics!
by vexadam May 24, 2007

The state of being so epic that someone had to make a new word about it. Can be used with epic win, or epic fail or any other similar form
Person 1:"I can't say say the eff word around kids, am I going to say 'effing epic' now?"

Me:"Try 'effic'"

Person 1:"Oh my god that is EFFIC!"
by CharlatanC November 19, 2008
Like ethics, only on the street: Don't snitch, don't screw over yo homies, don't sell fake drugs, etc.
Jimmy told the cops his neighbor was down with the Bloods, which wasn't right with effics.
by Kracker4386 May 24, 2007