Depressed; i.e., 'down in the dumps', feeling somewhat down. As characterized by the 'Winnie The Pooh' donkey character 'Eeyore'.
He's acting rather 'eeyorish' this morning.
by Dr.GrayBrow October 02, 2003

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Eeyorish-compared to "winnie the pooh" character of Eeyor, the always-sad-and-depressed-so-dont-look-at-me donkey.

Used as to described the feelings of depression/gloominess.
Why are you so eeyorish today?
by Ha! like i'd tell u December 30, 2003
You are acting eeyorish today.
by monkey October 02, 2003
the state of mind of utter depression, derived from the character Eeyor in the "Winnie the Pooh" cartoon series.
Dude, I know your girl dumped you last night, quit acting eeyorish and drink this shot of tequila already, fag.
by hexxers_da_molester January 21, 2009
A deep depression which can only be solved Hemingway style, blowing clouds of cotton fluffing all over.
That eeyorish guy sleeping under the bridge? I heard he jumped off it and landed on a dachschund. Killed both.
by pookleblinky December 03, 2004
adj. (slang) - in reference to one's sexual performance whereby one partner feels guilty and goes at it sluggishly and sloppily as if to say "don't worry about me..."
"I don't know about Gary...he was quite Eeyorish last night in the sack...I think he's seeing someone else."
by Tom Zappacosta September 29, 2003

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