A short child with a huge head who is obsessed with Harry Potter. Hes white and likes to be spammed on facebook. The rudest way to insult someone.
You are such an Edward
by Bobthebuilder345678 May 31, 2011
A sexual predator who loves being taken from behind!
Can i be edward tonight?
by wilbarwrite June 15, 2011
to Edward: verb: 1. to devour someone's baby out of their uterus, through their stomach, using mainly one's teeth; 2. to cry constantly and do absolutely nothing of use to the world; 3. to sparkle.
1. Dude, he totally Edwarded that girl's stomach last night. Now she'll never have babies!

2. Ever since his girlfriend broke up with him he's been totally Edwarding.

3. Did you see that sparkly dildo? It Edwards.
by Shenaniganical February 07, 2010
A person that buys an enormous amount of glitter, after the infamously shiny Edward Cullen.
Dude, don't be such an Edward. You don't need five super glitter packs.
by Mikey Valentine January 11, 2011
a vampire, a man who is dead on perfection, his skin glows from radiance. Someone who is terrifying but you always want to see him more. He's perfect in everyway.
edward cullen, from the book Twilight!
by abby rouse July 25, 2008
Well, basically, you have a dude that knows a dude, that knows one dude, that sucks. Edward is that dude. Also ruined from Twilight, a book extremely overrated and practically raped by fangirls.
Edward is, indeed, a mere word of fiction that will never exist. Cheers to that.
Edward sparkles in the sunlight.
by NotAZombie. August 18, 2009
an extremely emoic person that cock blocks and looks like a retard.
person 1: DUDE...did that guy just cockblock you?
person 2: Yeah...he just pulled an edward.
by beastylike April 08, 2010

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