Used as a emotional crutch following a failed relationship, an Edward is a superficial distraction from your own mental anguish to be dropped at the first sign that relationship's revival. Although technically a human being, you'll never be emotionally capable of thinking of him/her that way.
Person A: I want to do something to make my Ex jealous.

Person B: Well, you could always call one of your Edwards.
by WaldoE September 30, 2013
Edward is the most amazing boy!

You will be lucky to have him in your life.
He is funny, I trust him, he is kind, caring, loyal.
I love him so much!
He is one perfect boyfriend and I love him with all my heart
I am lucky to have found you Edward !
I Love You Edward For'ever and Always xxxxx
by SomeoneWhoIsVeryLucky October 22, 2013
The main character from the Manga and Anime, "Fullmetal Alchemist". In an attempt to bring their mother back to life, his little brother loses his entire body, and Edward Elric loses is leg. He sacrifices his arm and binds Alphonse's soul to a suit of Armor. To regain their original bodies, they set out in search of the mysterious "Philospher's Stone." He becomes a State Alchemist at the age of 12, the youngest in the military's history, and recieves the title of, "Fullmetal".

He is very short.

If you call him short, he will try to kill you.
He dislikes his superior officer, Colonel Roy Mustang, and consistently bickers with him throughout the series.
Envy: Come here, PIPSQUEAK!!

Edward Elric:Don't call me PIPSQUEAK!! AHHH!! *Bashes Envy's head in with his automail arm*
by Fullmetal Alchemist Freakazoid April 04, 2013
(noun.) A guy who is extremely talented and sweet. He's really funny and he's an awesome friend. Don't mind his occasional weirdness or random outbursts of singing, he means well. Don't be surprised if you end up falling for his good looks either! You won't regret meeting an Edward.
"Some day i will meet an Edward."
by CRUSHERR October 09, 2014
A bong with a pentagonal base, making it less likely to tip over and spill.
Pass me Edward and some of Donny's fine herb.
by deece March 25, 2012
From Dg but a member of twilight
Edward works at Dollar general in Willard Ohio and wants Bella's blood
by ruffdiamond May 14, 2015
Totally hot person. He's the guy you wanna go out with 24/7 amirite
He's blonde and tall and o my jesus dat ass
Often has a fierce ass last name
Who wouldn't want a piece of Edward?
- Look at dat edward
- He's such a bae
- amirite
by Celleeen March 13, 2015

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