More widely known as a "cuntmobile", the Eclipse is the vehicle most often purchased by people who don't know how to spend money, think applying racing stickers constitutes pimping a ride, or who lost all self confidence after being touched by their fathers. Often seen parked in front of chain stores, trailers, and anywhere shitty music is played loud.
"Dude, A and F has a sick sale on accessories for the modern douchebag. Lets take the Eclipse!"

"Mofo says his Porsche can take my Eclipse - He don't know I got four cylinders and a JEGS decal."
by Chip Gremlin April 08, 2008
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(don't be offended)

when your mom passes my tv
I was watching tv yesterday and an eclipse happened right in front of me
by mega millions March 22, 2007
1. A large piece of shit Stephanie Meyer made
Dude I almost shitted out an Eclipse
by boats and hoes2 June 30, 2010
The last song on Dark Side of The Moon.(The one that goes along right after Brain Damage).
Eclipse came on and I knew it was near the end of the album.
by yonoid October 14, 2004
1.The partial or complete obscuring, relative to a designated observer, of one celestial body by another.

2.The period of time during which such an obscuration occurs.

3.A temporary or permanent dimming or cutting off of light.

4.A fall into obscurity or disuse; a decline: “A composer... often goes into eclipse after his death and never regains popularity” (Time).

5.A disgraceful or humiliating end; a downfall
1. Johnny's mom passed in front of me and that's when the eclipse happened.

5.Revelations of wrongdoing helped bring about the eclipse of the governor's career.
by Zupertails August 27, 2004
a model of automobile under the Mitsubishi Motors Co. Believed by many to be the best automobile ever built in the world. Especially its 3rd generation version.
Dude, that guy's got a FUCKING cool eclipse man!
by Anonymous November 16, 2002
A lunar eclipse that is viewed online the next day as an alternative to getting up in the middle of the night to see the real thing.
Did you see the eclipse last night?
Couldn't get out of bed. Saw the e-clipse this morning on youtube.
by PBSPinchback December 21, 2010
A day time blackout.
Blacking out while the sun is in the sky.
"Didn't I see you at the ΕΦΣ day drink on Saturday?"
I don't know, maybe, I eclipsed by noon.
by Apps3C June 25, 2011
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