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2g is internet slang which stands for 'too good'.

This slang term is often used in competitive online games and communities such as Counter-Strike: Source. Players often put 2g in their game name.
Chat line: Wow that guys is 2g!
Alias: BlackouT. Jeza2g
Chat line: Pfft noob I don't cheat I'm just 2g
#too good #2g #2 #g #pro
by BlackouT. Jeza[2g] January 03, 2008
to be too gangsta for sumone
michael is 2g for stephanie
#too ghetto #better #ahead #awsomer #stephanies lame.
by gangta-er January 26, 2010
Too good. When pwning n00bs in games like cs and cod, a simple 2g2g2g2g2g2g2g2g2g2g2g after every kill ensure hatred of you and your abilities as a madfragger.
Leet *pwned* n00b
Leet: 2g2g2g2g2g2g2g2g
n00b: fuck you
Leet: 2g2g2g2g2g2g2g2g
n00b: *cries*
#pwned #owned #cs #rage #cry #game #emo
by Defi1ler December 30, 2007
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