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colon ex aka :x
i like to ECKS
by Saint August 17, 2003
3 17
a noise made to symbolise disgust, tiredness, boredemness or something along those lines.
me: im so tired. eck.
by cosmic fooood September 07, 2003
37 18
Eck<aik or ache> pronunciation key

1.In the Laotian language, the word Eck is used homologously to the english word hero.
The Pa-Eck in this movie is a well suited individual, played the part well, and should win a grammy award for his concious efforts in portraying the character with such passion.
by hum lah November 02, 2006
17 10
Used in the north, Mainly Sheffield.

Mainly to signify something you don't like/haven't done/disagree with.
'Did you snog her?'

'Did I 'eck!' (meaning no)


'Did you stay over?'

'Did I 'eckers like!' (meaning no)
by tumbletweed November 16, 2011
9 4
Your supa-fly ecko kicks
I just got sum new ecks at da mall.
by da1&onlymxj October 10, 2007
3 1
A poor sap with a Gonzo Dong
"My penis looks like the crank you use to empty the pool in resident evil 2 :("
by Anonymous November 19, 2004
8 7
Eck is like eww or eek.

Eww meaning disgusting
Eek meaning something to be horrific or terrible.
Katie: "Corr he is hot!"
Coral: "Eck! No!"
Katie: "Eck?!? lol, yeah I suppose"

by CBearr June 09, 2008
9 9
A group of strait up playerz located at Mt. Tabor, willin to smoke it up or throw two gunz up for eck whenever,
They are the definitions of g's.
Damn E.c.k fucked u up for stealin their grass.
by lil pop February 27, 2004
1 5