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1)a courting process between the male and female, male and male and female and female of the species commonly known as humans
2)a way to 'get some'regulary
Mary-Sue and Frank had been dating only 3 weeks when they discovered that their identical last name was no coincidence at all...
by alex blows donkeys August 20, 2003
a generally angry mood that revolves around someone who's had an unfortunate accident involving getting their head dipped in molten metal
ned kelly was often a frustrated metalhead although in this particular case he chose to wear metal to symbolise his respect for those involved in molten metal-related accidents
by alex blows donkeys September 04, 2003
a bird found near water
"A SEAGULL! there must be water nearby, we're saved!"
"thats an emu, idiot"

NB dehydration-related delerium has evidently caused lack of knowledge about drinking salt-water
by alex blows donkeys September 16, 2003
1)The decaying internal matter of a deceased young female propelled out of her 'lower regions' (thanks helen) by a 'moggee' into the mogger's mouth
alex-"Brooke, you're mogg"
alex,(dazed and concussed)-"OK, you're not mogg"
by alex blows donkeys September 06, 2003
a cheap rip off of hajuju
oh, you'll pay alright, katie
you'll pay

who would buy a car that was called a 'majuju'. pfft

This means war
by alex blows donkeys September 04, 2003
the name of alyce's three-legged cat
MOGGEE! come on moggee, DINNER!
by alex blows donkeys September 14, 2003
any food other than broccoli.
"Are carrots cosmic food?"
"Are mars bars cosmic food?"
"Is broccoli cosmic food?"
"Insult cosmic food like that again and you won't get any more"
by alex blows donkeys September 04, 2003

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