The act of peforming oral sex on a woman and then having sex also know as "beating it".
Aw man i had some very good sex with my wife last night i did a eat and beat on her.
by Moniquemy August 27, 2009
Top Definition
The act of performing oral sex on a woman (eat) and having to relieve one's self sexually (and beat) because she has no intention of allowing entrance to her moist caverns.
Sandy let me go down on her but made sure that I knew she wasn't going to put out, so I had to eat and beat.
by Ragebees June 30, 2015
Eat and beat; verb. Synonym for "dine 'n' dash"

The act of slipping into a buffet or a slightly high price restaurant, chowing your food in a hurry and hoofing it out before your check arrives at the table.

An act committed mostly by someone of the deadbeat persuasion, teenagers or snooty college students.
Waiter: Where's the people who were at table 14?

Waitress: Aw, damn. You serious?

Waiter: S**t. They pulled an Eat and beat.
by Mr. $mithers January 21, 2011
similar to the wake-and-shake; the act of masturbating immediately or soon after eating a meal, kind of like dessert
Man am I hungry. I could really go for an eat and beat.
by Poundtowner January 19, 2010
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