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The act of peforming oral sex on a woman and then having sex also know as "beating it".
Aw man i had some very good sex with my wife last night i did a eat and beat on her.
by Moniquemy August 27, 2009
Eat and beat; verb. Synonym for "dine 'n' dash"

The act of slipping into a buffet or a slightly high price restaurant, chowing your food in a hurry and hoofing it out before your check arrives at the table.

An act committed mostly by someone of the deadbeat persuasion, teenagers or snooty college students.
Waiter: Where's the people who were at table 14?

Waitress: Aw, damn. You serious?

Waiter: S**t. They pulled an Eat and beat.
by Mr. $mithers January 21, 2011
similar to the wake-and-shake; the act of masturbating immediately or soon after eating a meal, kind of like dessert
Man am I hungry. I could really go for an eat and beat.
by Poundtowner January 19, 2010