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Term used when a girl needs someone to go down on her who is good at doing it. Like Booty Call but just for oral pleasure.
I really needed my pussy licked, so I made a Cunny Call to Ross.
by trekker1801 May 16, 2010
When someone goes down on a girl, gets her off & then leaves.
Ross came over and I had him eat it & beat it.
by trekker1801 July 05, 2010
Touching the clitoris.
I had to Dittle the Skittle while he went down on me to get off.
by trekker1801 May 16, 2010
Term used for when a vehicle ahead of you drops their spare tire from underneath the bumper. Causing you to swerve or hit it.
I was hauling ass down I-95 when the spare wheel on the vehicle I was following came off and dropped in front of our vehicle, like some sort of Urban Depth Charge !!!
by trekker1801 October 11, 2010

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