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Snoopdafied-Noun-the act of being fucked up by some good ass weed!
yo dog..i had two bowls an i was snoopdafied
by Elo February 11, 2005
Blonde slag who will get off with anyone anyone
Boy:I want a snog tonight
Other boy: Look at her she's fit
Boy:Yer she looks eaasy!Bit of a Corleen
by elo January 06, 2005
Eat N Beat-Verb- to have yo bitch make u something to eat..and then fuck her. Can also be performed in reverse by fucking her then telling that bitch to go make u a sandwich
Last night i fucked her on the bed then told her ass to go make me a sandwich an i pulled an eat an beat
by Elo February 13, 2005

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