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1. No problem/You're welcome!
2. cool, calm down
3. simple
4. easy-going
5. nice
1. "Thanks for the paper" "Easy!"
2. "Take it easy!"
3. "This test was easy."
4. "He's an easy person."
5. "We were chilling, you know, easy weather...."
by HuMaNbEiNg June 18, 2005
1. The non-erection state of a penis. Being hard means to have an erection, so being "Easy" means you dont have an erection.
As soon as he finished Jacking Off to the hot porno and settled his urge for sexual activity, he was easy.
by suckmydick April 27, 2005
8 ball of cocaine. Because it's easy and it's never enough.
"I'm heading to Taco Bell to pick up an easy for tonight."
by Cardjacker July 22, 2006
Referring to one's simpleness, a not so complex and sometimes gray mindset.
You're too easy, you simpleton.
by right... March 25, 2005
A person usually of the female sex that is easily encouraged to take part in sexual actions or sex. The person can also be "easy" if he or she is easily persuded to do thing the person generally would not take part in or do.
1.Male: "Hey, girl I got a huge cock how 'bout you come over here and see how if feels in that tight pussy of yours."
Female: "Yeah, I'm on my way baby"
by Casey Rogers December 28, 2003
used in conjunction with 'on' - settle down, stop that, if you ever try that again i will fuck you up.
easy on starting race wars.
by bieg and court May 07, 2003
1.my wife
2. also see slut
1.I'm not there so they are.
2."I work in Korea with my M-4, she works on her back with her legs open."
by KB April 07, 2004