French Women
Overprivleged Frat Boy #1: "Duuude like we should totally go someplace where the babes are EASY"

Overprivleged Frat Boy #2:"Yah bro, well like my dad left me a crazy allowance to blow for the summer, lets go to France, the chiks there there are hella easy !"
by krystalxyte August 02, 2010
Somebody who is easy to get.
Casey: We aren't dating yet
Casey: he's spending the night tonight

by rubnz March 31, 2008
an interjection usually used at the end of a declarative or exclamatory sentence to enhance the relevance, importance, and/or urgency of a statement or situation; a variation of the word EARLY

-originated in Philadelphia; variation of the word early
We about to get this nigga', EASY!

see also EARLY
by Shizz August 09, 2004
Used by many students of Staffordshire university as a form of greeting meaning much the same as "hey" or "hello" used in passing and as the start of a convo. Can also be used to indicate that something is not right or you disagree with something depending on the context in which its used.
"Easy, you allright mate?" or "easy! ive not been payed this week"
by derik marra July 01, 2006
1. No problem/You're welcome!
2. cool, calm down
3. simple
4. easy-going
5. nice
1. "Thanks for the paper" "Easy!"
2. "Take it easy!"
3. "This test was easy."
4. "He's an easy person."
5. "We were chilling, you know, easy weather...."
by HuMaNbEiNg June 18, 2005
8 ball of cocaine. Because it's easy and it's never enough.
"I'm heading to Taco Bell to pick up an easy for tonight."
by Cardjacker July 22, 2006
1. The non-erection state of a penis. Being hard means to have an erection, so being "Easy" means you dont have an erection.
As soon as he finished Jacking Off to the hot porno and settled his urge for sexual activity, he was easy.
by suckmydick April 27, 2005

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