A term used in predominantly southern England, esp. London; used as a greeting, almost exclusively followed by man regardless of greetee's gender.

Exact origins unknown, however, thought to be derived from 'At ease, gentlemen' popularised by military and public service hierarchies.
'Easy, buddy, what's going down?'

'Easy, what are you sayin?'
by beezoh March 18, 2005
Describing an easy bitch that wants to smash with no morals and you like that. Or referring to the moment that you see a bitch that you would EASILY smash.
Frankie says, "I would smash her".
Doug says, "EASY".
Brian says, "Fackin go for it baud".
by cowmuncher March 03, 2015
a greeting, meaning the same as 'alright?' (rhetorical question) or hello or such like.
me: 'oi oi'
random guy: 'easy'
by cunkcore July 19, 2005
The state of which a woman is easy to get into bed.
-sitting in a bar-
-man walks up to woman-
"Can I take you home with me?"
"Let's go."
"You're easy."
by Ms. I Don't Give A Fuck November 29, 2013
-Damn, I got into that chicks pants so easily last night.

-Sounds easy, I bet her name was Gianna.
by thatguyyoullneverget November 24, 2014
1. to look baked

2. to get baked

3. a way to tell someone to chill out
1. Yo Ben's eyes look so easy right now.

2. Ay I'm trying to get crazy easy today.

3. You need to get easy bro.
by gettineasy April 01, 2011
Used as an interjection and part of a phrase in response to an unpleasant situtation, followed by words that correlate to the incident.

Can also be used sarcastically when someone fucks something up royally.
Someone makes an anti-Semetic comment. You respond with, "Easy Hitler!"

Your friend plays it up like he's going to make a macho golf swing but he misses and makes a divot on the green, you say, "Easy Alice, drop the purse!"

by Kachel October 01, 2007

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