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3 definitions by p-funk

take care, have a good one
aight man, i'm out. be easy
by p-funk November 24, 2003
119 32
When you smoke a cigarette or some reefer and you're suddenly overwhelmed by the need to take a shit. This can be brought on by all types of smoke and has such remarkable timing that one may say it strikes with vengeance for smoking.
Damn dude I'll be right back, the smoky poos got me.
by p-funk January 30, 2006
13 2
The state you are in after you party, usually the next morning. Generally an awful look and feeling are present.
Richard: "Damn, John, you look so after."
John: "I feel after...anyway hand me a beer."
by p-funk November 26, 2006
14 18