Used as an interjection and part of a phrase in response to an unpleasant situtation, followed by words that correlate to the incident.

Can also be used sarcastically when someone fucks something up royally.
Someone makes an anti-Semetic comment. You respond with, "Easy Hitler!"

Your friend plays it up like he's going to make a macho golf swing but he misses and makes a divot on the green, you say, "Easy Alice, drop the purse!"

by Kachel October 01, 2007
another word for relaxed; cool; fine; okay; or at ease.
I'm easy: that's fine by me. That's cool. Fine!
by yosahcora September 19, 2003
1. The gangsta rap pioneer; Eazy E.
2. A girl that most men would be able to sleep with.
1. Lets play sum eazy.
2. She's a bit easy yo' know.
by Diego September 29, 2003
Not to be confused wiv slag or slut, though some1 who gives sex too easily without making the guy work for it enough.
sara only knew mike 4 days yet she slept wiv him too soon because she was easy.
by shell 87 October 15, 2008
To get as high as possible. Smoking pot.
yo carlo what you wanna do tonite? Lets chief and get easy nigga. Ite son, you got the haze? Hellzz Yeah
by mike moss the boss January 05, 2009
French Women
Overprivleged Frat Boy #1: "Duuude like we should totally go someplace where the babes are EASY"

Overprivleged Frat Boy #2:"Yah bro, well like my dad left me a crazy allowance to blow for the summer, lets go to France, the chiks there there are hella easy !"
by krystalxyte August 02, 2010
Somebody who is easy to get.
Casey: We aren't dating yet
Casey: he's spending the night tonight

by rubnz March 31, 2008

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