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girls that will flirt with anyone; cute, ugly, fat, nonhuman,
Nancy Reyes is easy
by Mulan:D April 27, 2011
meaning, a person who is promiscuous, having sex with anyone that aproaches them with the invite.

Not to be confused with the term slut. Slut means someone who is promiscuous, but chooses to whom they have sex with
Damn, look at Tara and that guy over there. He's the nastiest guy in the room. She's so easy.
See I'm a slut. I choose who i knock da boots wit.
by ShawtyLikeAMelody November 10, 2009
A command, used to calm a person down when that person is getting excessively agitated. The command is also used to settle a person down after that person has done something disturbing.

The command of "EASY!" is pronounced with the accent on both syllables (EEE'-ZEE'), as opposed to the traditional word easy, in which only the first syllable is accented. The command of "EASY!" is usually shouted, which immediately puts the offending person on notice.
Example 1:

Person A: Man, you wouldn't believe all the things I bought at that flea market! The prices were out of this world! So cheap! I'm going back there next week! How come no one told me about that kind of place --

Person B: EASY!!!!

Person A: Okay man, fine, I'll relax.

Example 2:

Person A: <accidentally drops a huge bowl of calamari all over the kitchen floor, and the metal bowl makes a loud crashing sound>

Person B: Hey! EASY!!!
by Acting Jack February 07, 2008
short for "take it easy" as a way of saying goodbye. Like "later" for "see you later"
"I've gotta go"
"Alright man, easy."
by Frank Lea January 27, 2009
The lowest difficulty setting for the campaign in the Halo series of video games. One notch below Normal difficulty.

In Halo 3 the accompanying description for easy difficulty was "The game basically plays itself."

Great for beginners or speed-runners (see definition of speed running).
Tim usually played on Legendary difficulty but set it to easy for his six-year-old brother who'd never played Halo before.
by MrKapper Is Back December 12, 2012
A term used in predominantly southern England, esp. London; used as a greeting, almost exclusively followed by man regardless of greetee's gender.

Exact origins unknown, however, thought to be derived from 'At ease, gentlemen' popularised by military and public service hierarchies.
'Easy, buddy, what's going down?'

'Easy, what are you sayin?'
by beezoh March 18, 2005
A supplement of Cannabis, i.e. Joints and/or Bowls.
Megatron: Wanna go toke on some easies?
Sterling McGregor: Hell yeah! Toke on some easies and your life will be easy.
by Charlie Goodtime May 31, 2009