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Bastardization of the word Negros.
dem kneegrows be eatin' watermallons
by radtse June 02, 2006
A dash.
It's a punctuation mark that ignorant people would rather not use. Seems like they'd rather use an ellipsis (...), which is wrong.
susyq: hehehehe so at my birthday party today joe walked over to me and told me that im cute. neway i told him i dont like him and he should die. i probly shouldnt have but i can do whatever i want...afterall, its my party and i can do what i wanna.
Joe: DIE LIKE FUCK. By the way, you should have used a dash there instead of an ellipsis. Now excuse me while I cry my eyes out and go emogoth—that is, a person who should probably just die already, rather than cause the world to suffer their presence any longer.
by radtse June 02, 2006
Eased is the new owned.
Duder1: oh snap jack just got owned
Duder2: Good sir, I think you meant to say, "Oh snap, Jack just go eased."
Duder1: ugay
by radtse June 02, 2006
People that type lol without actually laughing out loud. i.e. most everyone types lol.
Mary: I fell down the stairs.
Joe: lol
Mary: Are you really laughing?
Joe: no
Mary: Loliar.
by radtse March 10, 2006
Jobs that black people do i.e. jail.
Those damn negros need to get some real jobs instead of wastin all my money workin black collar jobs.
by radtse June 02, 2006

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