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When you have sex to the point a hoe crys
Tommy had ruff sex last night!
by Texican May 14, 2004
Required Ugly Fat Friend- All women have one. It's the friend they stand next to to make them look pretty
Man did you see that girl's ruff? be a good wingman and jump on that grenade
#ruff #grenade #wingman's duty #ugly friend #ruff ride
by Voltai September 09, 2007
When you're not looking your best,
Bruv i look well ruff today!
by Sexii Bexii October 30, 2003
Russian killing cocktail: mixture of vodka and beer.
Yorsh - in russian.
Let us make a ruff for you!
#vodka #beer #cocktail #russian #mixture
by ShtormE September 04, 2007
When a girl has a bangin body
look at that girls ruff.
by marice January 19, 2004
Croaston word for dog
"Those are some crazy ruffs."
#dog #ruff #ruffian #croaston #barker
by Diggums September 19, 2006
To Sleep In A Public Place, Usually With Others.
"Yeah Man, I'm Bare Ruffin It On Saturday With John And Shit"

"Hey Mate, You Wanna Ruff It With Us Tonight?"
#ruff #ruf #ruffin #sleep #crash
by Robziamsexy October 16, 2006
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