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Hearing either your favorite kind of music, or hearing someone with an accent that you just adore.
MMMMmmmmmmm.....that girl from Chicago has such a lovely accent.
by Phil Mehard March 23, 2005
Someone exibiting a sexy accent or voice.
That girl from boston is ear candy.

Snoop Dogg is ear candy.
by DudeoftheDay March 21, 2005
Your favored form of music.
I need to pick up that BrandNew CD &get me some ear candy.
by Sashi January 11, 2005
1. Sounds that elicit a pleasureable response from the listener.

"Got some new earcandy from Coldplay"
by Wendy Kroy October 03, 2005
When the sound is the focus when playing music. This doesn't necessarily mean the music is good and the lyrics could be absolute crap, it just sounds good.
Hook me up with some of that G-Unit records and some Vengaboys.
by tpfusion June 04, 2005
Derived from the term "eye candy." Refers to music that is catchy and pleasurable to listen to but lacks depth, often both musically and lyrically. Ear candy lacks any form of complexity and is intellectually uninteresting. Top 40 hits almost always fall into this category.
Fan Girl: "Justin Bieber is such a genius! His music is SO deep!"

Musician: "You call 'Baby, baby, baby, ooh!' deep? That's just ear candy."
by MoozikMan May 08, 2014
Music that may not be good for you yet you cant stop listenin to it cuz it sounds soooo good!
4 yr old Lil Bro (singing loudly in public) - i can make yo bed rock!

Big Sis - Damn i need to stop blastin Wayne! But this ish is ear candy!!
by HeCallsMeBae March 25, 2010
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