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A board game that sadly is more fun than the real thing.
OH man you totally hacks, instead of me being a billionaire you made me a poor philosopher.

Aww, you spilled semen on my totally cool Life Spongebob Special Edition.
by tpfusion June 05, 2005
To be a bad person at the theater and watch movies you didn't pay for by sneaking in.

Usually you'd pay for the first movie and hop whatever else.

I remember saying this back in 1998. I started this because I was tired of explaining to people my movie hopping strategy.
My dad and I hopped 8 complete movies in one day, which I think is the world record.
by tpfusion June 24, 2005
Heaven. Especially during night time.
If everybody was a tv show, then when I die I want to go to Adult Swim.
by tpfusion June 05, 2005
When the sound is the focus when playing music. This doesn't necessarily mean the music is good and the lyrics could be absolute crap, it just sounds good.
Hook me up with some of that G-Unit records and some Vengaboys.
by tpfusion June 04, 2005
When you go to the movies, and buy the super expensive popcorn. Then decide to indulge in the free melted butter, and you idulge so much you need a straw to enjoy it.
Man when do you ever get a chance to drink all the free melted butter you can handle? Chug that shit David.
by tpfusion June 24, 2005
The most desirable woman ever.
Wow tpfusion, could you stop talking about Jessica Marie Alba?
by tpfusion June 06, 2005
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